Revolutionizing Rice Farming: Breakthroughs with ALART (BRRI Dhan49 and Swarna) Varieties

ALART (BRRI Dhan49 type grain) and ALART (Swarna type grain) experiments are currently underway in 12 district offices under the supervision of two Assistant Research Directors (ARDs). The management of BRRI research plots has been exemplary, thanks to the leadership and dedication of the head and the concerned scientists within the ARD.

The plant architecture of these genotypes is remarkably advanced, setting them apart from other modern varieties. They exhibit tolerance to drought, possess deep green leaves, display upright dig leaves, and boast a high tillering capacity, surpassing that of other modern varieties by a significant margin.

In the Aman season, these varieties yield exceptionally well, with paddy spreading ranging between 270-300. The Aman crop matures in 118-125 days, and the market price for Jira type fine grain rice is expected to be higher.

It is anticipated that selecting higher-yielding early varieties from BRRI Dhan49 and Swarna will be feasible.