Program of WSSEAP Project

Organized by: Prattasha Samazik Unnayan sangsta (PSUS) Chuadanga
Supported by: Share the Planet Association, Japan & Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE)

Program No-01: Workshop with Journalist on Project Impact & Result of WSSEAP Project.

On 14th March, 2023, Prattasha Samazik Unnayan Sangstha (PSUS) associated with japan Fund for Global Environment organized workshop in chuadanga with journalist about impact and result of water saving, safe food and sustainable environment friendly efficient agricultural practices.

This program was presided over by executive director of PSUS Bellal Hossain and upazila agricultural officer Maniruzzaman was the chief guest. Special guest was safe food officer Shazib pal, chairman of Chuadanga press club shardar al-Amin, general secretary Razib Hasan Kaci, the president of Chuadanga district press club Najmul Haque shopon, and journalist advocate Manik Akbar,Faizar Chowdhury, Rafique Rahman, Rifat Rahman, MA Mamun etc. Inauguration speech was delivered from “Water Saving Safe & Eco-Friendly Agriculture Practices” project coordinator Tofayel Ahammad. The program was conducted by Saidur Rahman, coordinator of Prattasa Samazik Unnayon Sangstha. The president of this program Bellal Hossain said that the climate is being changed day by day as a result human being is fall into risky situation. Due to unplanned use of ground water, the water layer is going down, on the one hand, the balance of the environment is disturbed and on the other hand, arsenic and other heavy metals in the water are putting our health at risk. Also due to the use of chemicals in vegetables and other crops, it has become a cause of various diseases in the human body and at the same time, the organic matter of the land has decreased and the productivity capacity has been lost. The chief guest Upazila Agriculture officer Maniruzzaman said PSUS is working with the directorate of agricultural extension to take the farmers forward. Sustainable development of agriculture, increasing farmer’s skills and various technologies that save water can protect the health of the soil, keep the human body safe, protect the balance of the environment by encouraging organic farming and at the same time pave the way to protect it for the future generation. Sardar Al-Amin, the special guest of the event, said that water efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable agricultural practices are practical steps for farmers. Farmer needs to test their soil maintain soil health and produce proper crops, and soil testing can increase fertilizer use for farmers.       Farmer brothers should come forward to produce safe food and take a joint role to market it.

Program No-02: Annual Learning Sharing workshop at District Level of WSSEAP Project.

On 16th March 2023, annual Learning Sharing Workshop of Chuadanga’s Water Efficient Safe Food and Sustainable Eco-Friendly Efficient Agricultural Practices Project held at district level. The annual learning sharing workshop at the district level of the project with the agriculture office and farmers in collaboration with the Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE) was organized by Prattasha Samazik Unnyan Sangstha under the chairmanship of Bellal Hossain,executive director of PSUS as the chief guest was the deputy director of chuadanga agricultural extension department Bivash Chandra shah. Present as special guest Mohammad ali Jinnah, training officer of agriculture extension department, district fisheries livestock officer Mostafizur Rahman, Damarhuda Upazilla Agriculture officer Maniruzzaman, agricultural extension officer Abhijit kumar Biswas, food inspector Nazrul Islam,District safe food officer sajeeb pal, president of chuadanga press club and editor and publisher or daily Mathabhanga sardar al Amin, Daily Paschimanchol Executive editor Rubaid Bin Azad Asbalir, Union Apex committee vice president Abdul Aziz, Asaduzzanman Salim, Union general apex committee general secretary Sagar Ali etc. Speakers of the program said that besides the department of agriculture extension, NGOs should come forward and create agricultural entrepreneurs. He said there is no alternative to produce safe food. Soaking vegetables in water with turmeric or salt for half an hour reduces the effect of pesticides. Farmers should be provided with more training and should stand by the entrepreneurs. They are also said that what we have learned through this project should be spread among others so that the future generation will be protected and advised to produce safe food and follow all the necessary guidelines.