Outbreak of blast disease in Howre of Habiganj. The farmer’s cry

Moin Uddin Ahmed An outbreak of blast disease has occurred in different areas of Habiganj. Over the past few days, the outbreak of this disease has suddenly occurred. At this time when the farmer was dreaming, the blast disease caused the farmers to become depressed. In the field of crops, silent tears can be seen among many people.

Affected farmers said that many crops in Haor have been destroyed due to this disease. Out of which Bri-28 and Bri-29 varieties of rice have been damaged the most. In the season of paddy harvesting, it is seen that there is no rice in any paddy. There is only the shell. The rice plants of many cultivated fields in the field have turned white. It is as if those rice plants were scorched with something. They are the worst sufferers due to the loss of crops