2020-2022 “Climate Adaptation Agricultural Extension Project In The Wetlands Of Northeastern Bangladesh”

Implementation period:​

April 2020-March 2023 (Under implementation: Global Environment Fund)
January 2022-December 2026 (Scheduled to be implemented: JICA Grassroots Partner Project)

Project Target Area:

Haor region in northeastern Bangladesh

Climate Change adaptation network activity area
Bangladesh Hobiganj District

Bangladesh Hovigonji Province

In the northeastern part of Bangladesh, a lowland called Haor spreads, and during the rainy season, it becomes like a large lake due to submersion. During the dry season (battered crop) harvesting (late April to mid-May), which is the main harvest season, flash floods and floods hit the paddy fields directly, causing farmers to use rice. Was facing the risk of not being able to harvest.

Share the Planet has responded to these challenges in collaboration with the Bangladesh Hovigonji NGO (ASED HABIGONJ) and the National Rice Research Institute (BRRI) Hovigonji Center to develop climate-friendly varieties in the Haor region by BRRI. We are working to solve the following problems by proposing “climate-adapted agriculture” that takes into consideration the spread of rice and the planting system in the rainy and dry seasons.

The Problem You Want to Solve:

Introducing new varieties that reduce the risk of climate change disasters

Review of planting system throughout the year Establishing a seed production system for new rice seeds

Establishment of seed production system for new varieties of rice


100 farmers (Global Environment Fund)

300 farmers (JICA grassroots partner project)

Activities you are working on

Basic training for farmers, seed cultivation aimed at popularization

The earlier the rice planting time, the higher the risk of cold damage, and the later the risk of flood damage due to flash floods. Therefore, with the cooperation of the Bangladesh National Rice Research Institute (BRRI), rice varieties that can be harvested before floods such as BRRI88, BRRI89, and BRRI Hybrid-5 and are resistant to cold damage are distributed to farmers for training and planting. Implemented.

Development of irrigation and transportation routes

As a foundation for the spread of “climate-adapted agriculture,” irrigation canals were excavated, and the soil was used to build embankments and transportation roads for harvesting.

Dissemination of activity results

By introducing the activity results of the “Climate Adaptation Agricultural Extension Project in the Great Wetlands of Northeastern Bangladesh” to the local media, the project is enlightened to areas other than the government and target farmers.

Achievements (May 2020)

BRRI varieties of rice planted in the Haor area grow fast enough to be harvested at the earliest timing despite the last rice planting after planting other varieties of rice, against flood risk. Proven to be effective. Until now, rice was harvested from mid-April to mid-May, but since BRRI 88 rice can be harvested by mid-April, the flood that occurs from mid-April to mid-May. You can mitigate the risk of damage. In addition, it was confirmed that BRRI 88 has a very good yield of about 5.3 to 7 tons per ha, BRRI 89 has a yield of about 7.9 tons per ha, and BRRI Hybrid-5 has a very good yield of about 9.7 tons per ha.

This project has been interviewed by 41 local media newspapers and 7 TV programs, and is beginning to attract attention from the local government.

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Climate-adapted agricultural extension project in the large wetlands of northeastern Bangladesh

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April 9, 2021Road and CanalNationalIndependent Televisionhttps://youtu.be/LJjwIcf04mU
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April 26, 2021BRRI Dhan 89NationalNews24 Televisionhttps://fb.watch/v/3ao1DT5I2/
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