WSSEAP Project Visit (PSUS,Chuadanga)

Under the Japan Fund for Global Environment Project Water Saving Safe and Sustainable Eco-Friendly Efficient Agriculture Practice Briefly WSSEAP project is being implemented by PSUS.

This project is being implemented in four unions of Damurhuda Upazila of Chuadanga district, the unions are Juranpur Natipota Damurhuda and Hauli.

From May 9th, this WASA project inspected the activities of water saving method, vermicomposting and safe food program.

Irrigation of land using tape method and alternative wet and dry method in rice cultivation and continuing. As a result the irrigation costs, fertilizer cost of farmers are reduced while the yield is expected and the environment is balanced. We feel that there is a need to spread the activities of this project widely among the farmers.