Natural Calamity of Chandradinga

Peoples-led regeneration and conservation of indigenous species through the promotion of climate change adaptation agriculture in the Haor area, Netrokona district project is implemented BARCIK in Kalmakanda upazila of Netrakona district.

A few of us visited the canal digging project of Chandradinga village of Rangchati union. This village is adjacent to the Indian border Rainwater from the hills of India is filling the cultivable land of this Bangladeshi village with sand. As a result, about 700 acres of land have become uncultivable over the years.

400 families from Bhagyaar village and 250 from Chandradinga village are facing severe financial loss as they cannot produce crops.

A committee has been formed with the area’s Christian Garo Hajong Sanatan Muslim community.

With the financial support of the Japan Fund for Global Environment, the Bad Raksha Committee has taken up the canal digging program.

Under the program, a 1.14-kilometer long canal with 15 feet width and four feet hole was dug. As a result, 700 families will get the benefit of eight hundred acres of rice cultivation.

This village climate refugee will return, and their food security will be ensured. The Bad Raksha Committee will be responsible for the maintenance of the canal.