2020 SAP FInal Report

2020 SAP FInal Report
2020 SAP Final Report

Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture Practice (SAP) with Less Irrigation Water
– Aim for the fundamental solution of arsenic pollution.

Published : September 2020

Managed by : 
Asia Arsenic Network (AAN), Japan
Share the Planet Association, Japan
AID Foundation, Bangladesh

Financed by:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Project period
July 2017-September 2020 

Project Purpose
1.In the target area, a foundation for Sustainable Agriculture Practice is developed by farmers’ skills 
development and arrangement of seed foundation system
2.Evaluation and Dissemination of Sustainable Agriculture Practice of this project.

Project goal
The number of farmers who practise sustainable agriculture with less irrigation water
is increased:

Long term Challenge
Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture Practice (SAP) focusing Water-use
Efficient Crop Cultivation for Reduction of Arsenic Contamination in Soil and Environment